Q. As a scooter rider, what is my status?

A. While riding on a sidewalk, crosswalk, in a public building, or in an elevator you are considered a pedestrian and must abide by all pedestrian laws.

While riding on a roadway, you are considered to be driving a vehicle and must abide by rules as if you were driving a car. Headlight, tail lights, signal lights and horn are all necessary.

Q. What about Airline transportation?

A. In Canada and USA, drive right to the gate! Airlines are compelled to transport scooters for free. Advance notice will be appreciated and they may ask about your batteries. All Sportrider mobility scooter batteries are safe to fly being S.L.A or Gel type.

Q. What about repairs when necessary?

A. ScooterLife will stock the most commonly needed parts and special order any other part. A call to the help line will determine parts required and directions should help anyone with some mechanical skills to install parts.

Q. How far should I expect to go on a set of fully charged batteries?

A. There are many factors that affect driving distance, including:

  • Tire pressure
  • Rider weight
  • Slope
  • And condition of terrain

Manufacturers’ predictions are all based on lighter riders under ideal conditions. Test ride your scooter so that you can determine when to head home or get recharged.

Q. How long can I expect my batteries to last?

A. The batteries that come in your Sportrider scooter are the highest quality available and with proper care can easily last for five years. If you neglect your batteries by running them down and not charging them right away, you will be lucky to get a year of good service. So, park your Sportrider in the shade and plug in the charger every time you return from a ride.

Q. How do I repair a flat?

A. Flat tires will be rare, but if you get one, any tire shop can easily patch the tube. ScooterLife stocks the various tubes so call if you would like a spare. Note that air slowly passes through all tubes so have your tire pressure checked every six months.

Q. What is the best way to transport my mobility scooter?

A. All Sportrider scooters can be dis-assembled for transport in a trunk or small van. Easier methods include running it onto a trailer hitch rack or up a ramp into an SUV or van. All D.A.T. vehicles can accommodate scooters and if you have a couple of people in average fitness with you, they can lift it into the back of a small truck.