Mobility Scooters can provide a new found freedom for anyone who has limited mobility. Many people today can benefit from this relatively new technology as it has advantages over traditional methods of personal transportation, such as traditional wheelchairs, crutches or walkers.

We are proud to offer high quality, dependable Sportrider scooters and accessories. These scooters are shipped directly from the original inventor of the mobility scooter, who invented the 4-wheel scooter in 1989. We are confident that our customers will gain a new sense of freedom and independence in their lives. A mobility scooter can help you save your energy that you used to spend walking, for those activities you’d like to do most. Our scooters are comfortable and help relieve strains on the body that occur while using wheelchairs, crutches or walkers.

There are many varieties and of electric mobility scooters of varying qualities on the market, so make sure that you choose a well-built and locally supported model. We offer a definitive range of mobility scooters that will satisfy the most discerning customer. We also carry well-built accessories to help you personalize your ride.

For more information, please browse our online catalog and contact us with any questions regarding our mobility scooters or accessories.

Benefits of Mobility Scooters, Western Canada